Michael Chance Countertenor
Michael Chance Countertenor

SienAgosto 2019 testimonials

Coming here honestly, I didn't know what to expect. It's been an adventurous journey throughout this programme. Enjoyed every moment in this programme to bits! I learned so much while being here and I'm so glad that I've met all these super wonderful singers from many different countries. Very thankful of the opportunity to come here and learn from these great performers and teachers (Michael Chance, Deborah York, Lynne Dawson, Elisabeth Priday, Ian Partridge, and Daniel Taylor as well as Rebecca Taylor, Richard Leach, Paul Beier, Thomas Langlois, Valeria and Jeff Shapiro). Thank you for all the memories and experience! Now that I'm back, I'll be missing Siena so much. I really can't get enough! All the best to everyone and I'd hope we'll all stay in touch! Cheers,
Alice Putri, Indonesia
SienAgosto Summer Music Academy 2019 was an incredible, very useful program for me. It provides not only the opportunity to learn from the best teachers in a calm and friendly atmosphere, improve vocal technique and skills of performing early music, but also get the opportunity to communicate, create and work with amazingly talented other program participants from all over the world. Organized in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy - in Siena, the program provides an opportunity to get a boost of inspiration, creative ideas, find like-minded people. The accompanist class with a lute and the opportunity to improve Italian language turned out to be very valuable. I am very grateful for this wonderful time and if I had the opportunity, I certainly would like to return next year.
Daria Stogova, Russia
My time in Siena was remarkably productive and enjoyable. Having the opportunity to work with such esteemed teachers was extremely valuable and an experience I shall treasure for the rest of my life. It was also inspiring to make music in such a breathtaking city. I not only enjoyed my time with the faculty but found much joy in spending time with my friends around the city. I would very much like to return, to learn more! Thank you so much!
Aemilia Moser, Canada
It took me a while to gather all my thoughts on the program, but here they are. Being the only lute student was an ideal situation to gain experience. With so many singers in one place, I had plenty of new repertoire to work on with them, with the help of my and their teacher. Normally, when doing masterclasses with singers as an accompanist, the lute is mostly ignored during the lesson. But luckily that was not the case during the “after lunch masterclasses”, I always felt included. My individual lessons with Paul where great and useful. He inspired me to work even harder this coming year. One of the things that stayed with me the most was the talk that you did about Siena. It gave an extra dimension both to the program and to the concerts. It felt really awesome to perform in those meaningful places. Overall, I thing that the course had the right intensity, and the right amount of seriousness (which, in some courses, gets lost when we start knowing each other a little better :) ). After 2 days of driving, I came home, still enthusiastic about this whole experience, and maybe that says it all.
Thomas Langlois, Belgium
I have been fortunate enough to attend Michael Chance’s SienAgosto summer programme 2 years in a row and have once again come away hugely enriched by the experience. Although the talent this course attracts as well as the tuition offered is of the highest level, teachers work with you at your speed and offer honest feedback and practical tips in a supportive, friendly atmosphere. One thing I think is unique to this course is the immersion in the local Sienese culture with a concert and dinner arranged and hosted by a local neighbourhood “contrada” as well as access to landmark historical buildings for performances in breathtaking settings most of us can only dream about. Whether you are a professional wanting to hone and fine tune your skills or an amateur wanting to take your voice to the next level, you will be hard pressed to find a more well-rounded programme.
João Ribeiro, Johannesburg, South Africa
SienAgosto 2019 was a mind-blowing experience for me that will for sure keep resonating in me for quite a long time. When I applied, I had doubts if an "amateur" like me would be qualified at all, and if accepted, if I would be able to keep up with the high level of singing of the others. But already during the first day it became clear that all teachers were perfectly adjusting instantly to each individual’s level and skill, and gave inspiration, advise, encouragement, and motivated us to sing and practice night and day. It means more than a lot to me to be able to meet, and even to work with, several singers that have been role models for me. Also the lovely atmosphere among the students was great, all being strong characters with diverse international backgrounds and at different stages in their education, career, and life. The concerts we gave were touching, everybody was suddenly very focused. All these different people formed a group within a few days, we exchanged sheet music, singing "life hacks", countless stories about auditions and concerts, while exploring Siena, going for dinner together or chatting on the piazza at night. Some real friendships have formed, and I would love to have the privilege to come back in 2020.
Ulf Zastrau, Germany

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