Michael Chance Countertenor
Michael Chance Countertenor

SienAgosto 2018 testimonials

This was my first voice summer programme so I didn't really know what to expect. I was completely overwhelmed by the warm and supportive environment created by the faculty and students. Both the individual lessons and the opportunity to sit in on the lessons of other (super talented) singers were invaluable. The faculty members really got to know each of our voices and were able to guide us no matter how experienced/ inexperienced we were. Adding to the surreality of learning from people like Michael Chance, Deborah York, and Dan Taylor was the view from our classroom and the concert venues (it's not every day you get the chance to sing in a hall surrounded by frescos painted by Vecchietta)! I loved this programme and thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to participate!
Tara Venkatesan, India/US
SienAgosto Summer Music Academy 2018, suffice it to say that I have come away from this course with so much more than I could ever have imagined! The course outline, the diversity, the level of tuition, the professionalism and sheer expertise of the teachers, the talent of my fellow participants combined with the breath-taking backdrop of the Tuscan landscape observed from a city like Siena only served to heighten this experience further. The course culminated in 2 public concerts performed in historical buildings, the likes of which few of us have ever before had the privilege to perform in. I have now returned to a busy and challenging life in Johannesburg, South Africa enriched by the experience and with enough new expertise, motivation and solid tips to appropriate into my musical journey for many months to come. My immense gratitude to Michael Chance, Deborah York, Daniel Taylor, Rebecca Taylor, Paul Beier, Lynne Dawson, Valeria Indice, Jeff Shapiro, the supporting staff at the Siena School for Liberal Arts and my fellow participants in the course. I have learned so much from all of you!
João Carlos Ribeiro, Johannesburg, South Africa
I thought that the program was fantastic. Working with all of the esteemed teachers and talented instrumentalists helped me make major improvements to my singing technique. I was especially appreciative because I felt like most of the other singers had more experience than me, but I still didn't feel too much stress about not being as informed as everyone was friendly and willing to help me learn. I would definitely recommend this program to my friends.
Kurtis Ng, Canada
The masterclass is a great opportunity to gain friendship with people from all over the world. The teachers are amazing and create positive and supportive atmosphere. Their honest but kind and constructive feedback helps to clarify what should be focused on and worked on the most in further development. All this combined with beautiful sights of Siena, delicious food, a lot of fun and good humour!
Marta Loncar, Croatia

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