Michael Chance Countertenor
Michael Chance Countertenor

SienAgosto 2016 testimonials

I am so grateful …... singing better when I stay with myself and do less also enables me to be even more myself and be true to myself, thank you! I enjoyed the two weeks in Siena very much, and I already miss it. I think I might very easily be persuaded to come back.
Anne Heffner, Zürich
I thoroughly enjoyed the course as a whole and, even considering this was my first experience of an opera course, I thought it was just brilliant. The whole setting of the School for Liberal Arts, within the city of Siena, was fantastic and it was great to become fully immersed into the world of music. The company and the concert venues exceeded my expectations, as did the Italian wine! Although I’ve still got a long way to go, I felt that SienAgosto added greatly to my musical knowledge and really inspired me to further pursue a career in music and performance.
Peter Edge

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