Michael Chance Countertenor
Michael Chance Countertenor

SienAgosto 2015 testimonials

Prima di arrivare a Siena non sapevo esattamente cosa aspettarmi da questa esperienza, ma ora posso dire che la settimana passata alla Siena Summer Academy ha rappresentato per me un incredibile esperienza di studio con artisti e insegnanti di altissimo livello ed un ambiente internazionale di alunni, insegnanti e staff di una gentilezza, simpatia e disponibilitá fuori dal comune. Senza dubbio una delle settimane meglio spese in tutta la mia vita
Isabel da Roma
Those two weeks in Siena was a very fruitful time for me. With the help of the remarkable faculty, I got some new directions and inspirations on how to further polish my voice, and more importantly, to improve my knowledge in music literature to make my performance more convincing. That period is so dear to me which gives me space and encouragement to continue my dream as a Classical singer.
Kenix Tsang, Hong Kong
Masayo Sasao, Japan​
Этот курс принёс мне исключительно положительные эмоции. Педагоги высочайшего уровня. Работа над всеми аспектами исполнительского мастерства. Тёплая атмосфера.
Прекрасно, чтоб повысить своё мастерство, и завести новых друзей. И, конечно же - великолепная Сиена!
Tigran Matynian, Moscow
( this course is so intense and fun that will make your time flies)

This course had helped me a lot in everyway. First, I've never met and heard this much countertenors in one place before which I found it very helpful to listen how other use their voice to create music and this course had introduced me to many new aspect of making music, by just observing some of the tutors classes.
All of these wonderful experiences wouldn't have happened to me if I did not received any bursary, Thank you very much.
Puntwitt Asawadejmetakul, Bangkok
La experiencia en Siena ha sido extraordinaria.
Jóvenes provenientes de diversas y muy distintas partes del mundo, unidos por amor hacia el canto y la música. Guiados por un grupo de gentiles y considerados maestros, cada uno, con una gran carrera y un cofre de sabiduría en su haber; comprometidos hacia sus estudiantes. Dos semanas de maravillosa música y enorme entusiasmo en una ciudad hermosa.
Desde Siena llevo conmigo un tesoro invaluable.

Siena has been an extraordinary opportunity.
Every day, as students we have lived in an atmosphere of excitement; knowing that in each room we could find a gentil, considered, wise, committed teacher, guiding and advising to a very interesting student/performer. We have enjoyed in the recitals and concerts some of the results of the wonderful work it has been done during the two weeks. The ideas we have received from our great teachers are priceless tools that now we have in our hands. And I think that's the major reason why many, if not all of us want to come back next year for more.
To the generous persons who has helped to make this possible. Many thanks
Fernando Zambrano, Ecuador
Again it has been a wonderful time!
It's interesting to me how these two weeks can have such an impact! Thank you all for the experience! I've learned a lot!
When I left Siena it felt a little like I was leaving home instead of heading home. I'll miss having diners every night with you guys. Let's say we do that every 2 months at someone's place, we rotate the venue everytime. Would keep life interesting don't you think?
Hopefully I'll see you all one day performing at the scala or the met, shouldn't be too difficult...
Joel Vuik, Netherlands
Μέσα στην μαγική ατμόσφαιρα της Σιένα κατάλαβα πώς η μουσική μπορεί να φέρει τους ανθρώπους κοντά, να δημιουργεί έναν νέο και εναλλακτικό κόσμο μέσα στην πραγματικότητα. Στο σεμινάριο γνώρισα ανθρώπους κάθε ηλικίας από όλες τις γωνιές του πλανήτη. Όσο διαφορετικοί κι αν ήταν επικοινωνούσαν όλοι με μια γλώσσα: την αγάπη για την μουσική! Αυτό είναι κάτι που δεν θα ξεχάσω ποτέ. Θα θυμάμαι πάντα ότι το έμαθα εκεί, χάρη σε αυτούς τους καταπληκτικούς μουσικούς.

In the magical atmosphere of the city of Siena, I understood how music can bring people closer by creating a new, alternative world inside the reality. During this Masterclass I met people of every age, from all over the world. Even if they were completely different they could communicate with each other in one simple language: the love for music ! This, is something I will never forget. I will always remember how I realised that thanks to those incredibly good musicians.
Ίρις Σκολίδη, Αθήνα (Athens)
Τι είναι η Siena Summer Music Academy; Για μένα αποτέλεσε μία εμπειρία-σταθμό στη μουσική μου παιδεία, αλλά και στη ζωή μου συνολικά. Η Σιένα είναι ένας μοναδικός χώρος για να κάνει κανείς μουσική. Ακόμη πιο μοναδικοί όμως είναι οι άνθρωποι που διοργανώνουν, διδάσκουν και συμμετέχουν στη μουσική αυτή Ακαδημία. Σε αυτούς οφείλεται το υπέροχο κλίμα που επιτρέπει να βλέπει κανείς τη σκληρή δουλειά ως διασκέδαση και να απολαμβάνει πραγματικά την κούραση στο τέλος της κάθε ημέρας.
Ναταλία Μέλνικ, Αθήνα (Athens)

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