Michael Chance Countertenor
Michael Chance Countertenor

SienAgosto 2014 testimonials

It was a great privilege to be involved in the Residential Summer Music Academy last summer and to spend a week of great training in the stunning surroundings of Siena. I can honestly say that I have never grown so close to a group of musicians in such a short time period before, and felt such support and sense of community so quickly. The combination of tutors gave a focus of technical and interpretive training and as a result, I gained a new insight into the importance of balance between the two. Siena itself welcomed and included us and we were lucky enough to see this stunning city in all its glory from the inside. I made some wonderful new friends from all over the world and discovered some rather exciting music. An experience I will never forget.
Ellie Edmonds, London
It was in April 2014 when I had my first lesson with Michael Chance. I was so nervous to have a lesson with "Il Maestro". But, after the lesson went all fine I found out Michael organised summer schools, and this year it was going to be in Siena. Right away I sent in my application and I went. It was one of the best experiences in my singing journey I've ever had. Siena is a beautiful city with lots of historical sightseeing as well as a great cultural history to discover. The charm of the city in the evening after a day of lessons with Michael Chance, Lynne Dawson and Elisabeth Priday is priceless. Michael has a way of working with you that I haven't found in so many teachers, even though I am really happy with my current teacher in Codarts. Precise, efficient and open. Above that we got group lessons in the Alexander Technique, from the glorious Fiona Tree. Alexander technique is to me one word, liberating. It is a way to get your body to work as it should, instead of getting tens at all the wrong places when wanting to sing relaxed. And after having said all that, I've met the most lovely people with which I am still in contact weekly. The way to finally get to Siena was not an easy one. Two planes a bus and two train rides helped me to finally get there. But I would and will do it all again just to learn and gather more experience and to meet people.
Joël Vuik, Rotterdam
The Siena Summer Music Academy is a varied and international course which I would recommend very highly. The wide range of experiences, from coachings with world class performers to well attended performance opportunities were capped off by the idyllic tuscan surroundings of Siena.
Timothy Morgan, London
C'était la deuxième masterclass de chant à laquelle je participais. Cette fois, elle se déroulait dans la magnifique ville de Sienne, au lendemain du "Pallio", dans le cadre prestigieux de la School for Liberal Arts. Pour la chanteuse "amateur" que je suis, ce fut une nouvelle fois l'éblouissement de pouvoir écouter tant de jeunes talentueux et de profiter moi-même des enseignements dispensés par Michael Chance et son équipe de professeurs de haut niveau et d'apprécier, outre leur compétence, l'atmosphère chaleureuse qu'ils font régner et l'écoute attentive qu'ils réservent à leurs étudiants. Une nouvelle expérience magique que je ne peux que recommander!
Valérie, chanteuse amateur (Belgique)
Danke an alle, die zum guten Gelingen der Siena Summer Academy beigetragen haben. Es war eine wunderbare Zeit für mich. Die kompetenten und spezialisierten Dozentinnen und Dozenten habe mir vielfältige Anregungen mit auf den Weg gegeben, dich mich sicherlich noch lange begleiten werden. Die Siena Summer Academy bietet die perfekte Gelegenheit mit tollen Musikerinnen und Musikern zusammen zu arbeiten und sich in Stücke verschiedenster Art zu vertiefen, insbesondere aus dem Bereich der Alten Musik. Herzlichen Dank dafür!
Biljana Wittstock, Deutschland

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